Sam Smith's - "How Do You Sleep" Come up with a unique video style

Post date5th August, 2019

Sam Smith’s new Music “How Do You Sleep” released on July 19, 2019. The music video was absolutely stunning.  The video seems to have 10 Male dancer and Sam Smith. In the video, there was no woman only male dancers. The way that the dancers and sam smith expressed themselves was unlike nothing we have seen except Tom Holland’s umbrella performance on lip sync battle. This video came out from the traditional way of making a music video. The choreography and the cinematography were absolutely stunning. There were some new moves came along the video. But to me the main reason that this video is different from others because it made “Man” to make this music video to express their feeling via their body movement.

Here are some images on that-

On behind the scene video, Sam Smith said making this helped him to relief from his anxiety. Dancing was always a thing that he loved to do, but he never thought of doing that in front of everyone. But this video helped him to break out from that fear shell like he always wanted to do. And He specially mentioned Parris Goebel for helping him to express himself via dancing. In the end, the video was great. It gave the viewers a completelt new taste about the music video.

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